'Fortnite' Cube Now Surrounded by Low-Gravity Dome

Ever since the mysterious cube made its way into Fortnite, fans that thrive on the adventure of [...]

Ever since the mysterious cube made its way into Fortnite, fans that thrive on the adventure of discovery have been monitoring its movements very closely. Not only does the gigantic (and deadly) cube seem to be veering away from Fatal Fields, it's now developed some form of low-gravity shielding around it — which means something is on the way!

The latest development comes from our friends at FortniteBR and shows the vague outline of the dome starting to take shape. It appears to be fleshing out, though the latest development is still very much a mystery.

You can see the player go inside of the dome to scope it out. Though the cube itself gets aggressive when provoked, being near it seems to add shielding. It looks like the dome itself isn't fatal, which is good for those oh-so curious Battle Royale lovers out there that just want a closer look.

Of course, Epic Games hasn't said anything official yet about the latest mystery, as they love to watch the world burn as their fans try to figure out the puzzle themselves before the big reveal. Still, since we are only half-way through Season 5, this boasts well for that grand finale if it truly ends up being a huge event!

We'll be keeping a close eye on the latest development, so consider us invested, Epic Games.

Interested in partaking in the mystery? Fortnite is free to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and select Android devices. You can even check out our Fortnite hub right here to track previous coverage on everything from patch notes, to server issues — and yes, even this cube.

Have any intel on what's going on? Feel free to sound off with your hot take, datamined info, and more in the comment section below. Though the game of Battle Royale is simple, these changing mysteries make the community come together and for that, we thank the studio!