Fortnite Cube Leaves Behind Burning Runes

Fortnite season 5 is coming to a close and if there is anything Epic Games has proven, it's that they know how to go out with a bang. Every since a violent lightning storm produced a living, mysterious cube - the on-the-move phenomenon continues to baffle and intrigue players. Though the cube itself has been making its slow path around the map over the past several days, a new mystery has cropped up: burning runes.

With many active players currently tracking the movement, our friends over at FNBRLeaks have come up with a way to map the movements to anticipate what's coming next. Now that the cube knows how to climb, Epic can really do whatever they want with how this all plays out.

Others began chiming in with their own speculation on what it all means:

Of course Epic Games hasn't said anything official yet about the latest mystery, they love to watch the world burn as their fans try to figure out the puzzle themselves before the big reveal. Still, since we are only half-way through Season 5, this boasts well for that grand finale if it truly ends up being a huge event!

We'll be keeping a close eye on the latest development! Consider us invested, Epic Games!


Interested in partaking in the mystery? Fortnite is free to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and some Android devices! Happy hunting!

Header image credit: Twitter user CoasterKingdom_