Fortnite's Final Deadpool Challenges Are Missing for Many Players

Epic Games released a new Fortnite trailer this week to finally welcome Deadpool to the game after the hero's appearance was first teased at the start of the season. The Deadpool skin is the one players who own this season's Battle Pass have been working towards since the pass went live, and according to Epic Games, the skin should now be live in the game for those who've been keeping up with their challenges to acquire it. Some issues appear to have prevented the final challenges from appearing in the game for players, however, thus delaying the release of the skin, but Epic Games said it's investigating the issue.

The challenges should've gone live today seeing how they've been released on Fridays throughout the past few weeks, but just as players have experienced before, there's an issue with this week's challenges that's preventing them from being available for everyone. The set of two challenges should be the final ones to unlock Deadpool, but that doesn't help much if players are unable to complete them.

Shortly after releasing the trailer shown above, Epic Games shared status updates through its Fortnite Twitter accounts to alert players of the problems they'd already been encountering in the game. Epic Games warned that there were some problems with the release of the Deadpool challenges but that the problems were being looked into, so hopefully the delay of the skin's release won't impact players for too long.

The alerts said the skin's challenges are missing for "some players," but it seems like the vast majority of players currently can't access their challenges.

If you've been keeping up with your Deadpool challenges throughout the past few weeks, these last two challenges should be the only ones you have to complete to get the skin once the tasks officially go live. Based on leaks, these two challenges appear to task players with finding Deadpool's pistols before then hopping into one of the booths around the current season's map where players can transform their outfits. It seems like doing so would turn you into Deadpool if you've met all the requirements, but it's hard to say for sure since the challenges are busted.


Deadpool should officially be in Fortnite before long now that the challenge issues are being investigated, so expect to see him everywhere in the game later today.