Fortnite Clock Timers Seem to Be Counting Down to Doomsday Event

Two new timers have appeared in Fortnite, counting down to May 30th, at 2:05 p.m. ET. Presumably, this is when the long-rumored "Doomsday Event" will kick-off in the game. The timers can be found in the game's main lobby, and on Midas' desk in his Agent room. Official details about the event are non-existent at this time, but a number of rumors have been circulating about it since mysterious hatches began appearing around The Agency in April. One leak has suggested that another timer will appear over The Agency in the coming days, but this might not happen until closer to the countdown's end. Either way, that area seems to be the epicenter for whatever is happening!

Midas also seems to have some role to play in the Doomsday Event. In the character's office, a device has been powering up, and some fans have speculated that it could destroy parts of the map before the start of the next season. Teasers for Season 3 have hinted at a water theme, so it's possible that the device is part of the story set-up. Epic Games has yet to make any official announcement about these two timers, so fans will merely have to continue speculating, for the time being. Season 3 is set to kick-off on June 4th, so the Doomsday Event should finish off Season 2 in a very exciting way!

Season 2 was originally supposed to end on April 30th, but Epic extended the season until June 4th. Many Fortnite players were disappointed by the delay, but the last few weeks have provided quite a bit of content for players to enjoy in the meantime. From in-game concert events, to the screening of a new trailer for the movie Tenet, Epic has certainly kept things interesting! Fortunately, the wait is almost at an end.

Fans looking forward to finding out what's going on will want to log-on to Fortnite well ahead of the countdown's end on Saturday. Like other big Fortnite events, this one should have a lot of players looking to sign-on, so servers could be a bit busy!


Fortnite is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile.

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