'Fortnite' Disables New Driftin' LTM Temporarily for Changes

Fortnite's new Driftin' Limited Time Mode is being pulled from the rotation so that Epic Games can work on it before it's brought back.

The Driftin' LTM was added with the release of the v7.40 update that incorporated the new Driftboard vehicle into the limited-time game mode. Epic Games' release of the Driftboard finally happened after it was revealed and immediately delayed back in December, and while players can still find it in games for a short while, they won't find it in the Driftin' mode until that LTM is brought back in a few days.

"We've noticed feedback around the Driftin' LTM and agree it could use work," Epic Games said on Twitter to announce the removal of the game mode. "At 3 PM ET, this mode will be disabled while we make changes. It'll return in the next few days."

No timeframe for its return was given beyond "the next few days," so it hopefully won't take too long to return. Players can still ride on the Driftboard elsewhere though, such as the Team Rumble mode that's still enabled.

The Driftin' LTM tasked players with staying on the Driftboard while divided into two teams of 32 players. Red Supply Drops appeared throughout the map with each of those containing Driftboards along with weapons and ammo, but there aren't any chests or ammo boxes to be found throughout the map. The game mode incentivizes players to stay on the Driftboards by making shields and health regenerate while it's being used. Players can also revive allies and pick up loot without getting off the board, so there are plenty of reasons not to ditch your Driftboard, though you can't build when riding it.

Even without the Driftin' LTM, there's still another mode to be placed called "Catch!" that hasn't been removed. This game mode takes out all conventional weapons and leaves only throwable weapons and items, so expect to see lots of projectiles flying through the air.