'Fortnite' Fires Back At Elon Musk For Trolling It

elon musk

Hang it up, 2018. Hang it up, every future Twitter interaction. Hang it up, Internet. Hang it up, human race. Nothing is going to top this.

Earlier today, Elon Musk, via the power of Twitter, took an opportunity to troll Epic Games. And like most things the business magnate and inventor does, it went viral.

As the kids say, it was pretty "savage." And also great marketing for Epic Games, who, a few hours later, took the opportunity to continue the free promotion by firing back at Elon Musk.

Again, as the youth would say, "savage." For those that don't know: the "Just Build, LOL" is a reference to the many, let's say "hardcore," Fortnite players who can be found across the Internet instructing players who are complaining or losing to "Just Build, LOL." This saying, which was a prominent meme in the early days of the game, implies that said player just needs to learn how to build in the game, and that they are, basically, a noob.

The "Just Build, LOL" response perhaps peaked when Fortnite first added the Port-A-Fort, which was designed to help players in the end-game who weren't as capable of building. At the time, it was thought the item would break and completely change the game in favor of "plebs" and "noobs" and "peasants," and so it attracted a ton of backlash and "Just Build, LOL."


All of that is just to say, GG Elon Musk. And GG Fortnite. This may be the best Twitter interaction ever, and perhaps the most indicative thing of 2018.

As you would expect, fan reactions suggest they are pleased with what's the hottest beef since Ja Rule and 50 Cent. Meanwhile, Elon Musk responded, reminding Epic Games "reality is hard" (kind of like balancing shotguns):