Fortnite Confirms Changes to Controversial Feature Are Coming Soon

Epic Games has confirmed that it's making changes to one of Fortnite's most controversial features in a future and imminent update. Other than skill-based matchmaking, the most controversial and debated Fortnite feature is PC aim assist. In fact, just recently popular streamer Ninja revealed its the reason he doesn't play the game anymore. That said, after months and months of heated debate within the game's community and pro scene, Epic Games has announced it's planning to introduce changes soon.

Epic Games revealed word of the changes when it revealed the patch notes for the game's latest patch. While this patch won't address the issue at all, a patch next week will. For now, it's unclear how much these tweaks will tangibly impact PC aim assist, but Epic Games seems to think it will bring balance to the feature.

According to Epic Games, these changes would have been rolled out this week if weren't for the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational Grand Finals, which are set to begin on May 23, also known as this Saturday. The thinking here is Epic Games didn't want to make changes that will disrupt entire playstyles and metas right before such a big tournament, something it has done in the past to a lot of criticism.

Again, whether or not any of these tweaks will make an appreciable difference one way or another, who knows. Right now, there are many casual and professional players who think the aim assist of using a controller on PC has ruined the game, but there are many who strongly disagree with this, including the many casual and professional players on PC who now use controllers.


Fortnite is available for free via PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. It's also poised to hit PS5 and Xbox Series X when both consoles launch this holiday season.

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