'Fortnite' Halloween Event Goes Live, Immediately Removed

After a week of teasing from Epic Games, the Fortnite Halloween event - Fortnitemares - has been [...]

After a week of teasing from Epic Games, the Fortnite Halloween event - Fortnitemares - has been added to the Battle Royale game with the latest patch. Unfortunately for those looking forward to earning some limited-time loot, the mode was quickly pulled down following issues found.

The issue wasn't necessarily a bug, per say, but matchmaking troubles many were experiencing. Though long wait times are to be expected on patch days, the matchmaking issues found with this mode specifically went beyond simply waiting.

It looks like it could be a quick fix, however! When it comes back live, this is what players have to look forward to:

"Fortnitemares 2018 is here, featuring all manner of haunting happenings across Fortnite. Skulk in the shadows to scare your way to a Victory Royale or brave hair-raising husks to complete the weekly new missions. Darkness has risen."

Epic Games added, "During Fortnitemares, you'll face off against Cube Monsters in a whole new way of playing Battle Royale. There are new weapons to fight back against these creepy creatures, like the Six Shooter and Fiend Hunter Crossbow. Take out the Cube Fiends and Fragments to pick up loot, and survive against enemy players."

  • Cube Fragments spawn Cube Monsters! Drop in and discover the different types.
    • Large Cube Fragments are found near corrupted areas of the island.
    • Small Cube Fragments are created randomly throughout the match.
  • Cube Fiends, Brutes, and Fragments all have a chance to drop loot.
  • Defeating a Cube Fiend or Brute will grant a small amount of shield.
    • Eliminating a Cube Fiend will grant +3 shield
    • Eliminating an Elite Cube Fiend will grant +5 shield
    • Eliminating a Cube Brute will grant +10 shield
    • Eliminating an Elite Cube Brute will grant +15 shield
    • Eliminating a Mega Cube Brute will grant +20 shield
  • Fiend Hunter Crossbow added. Fortnitemare Limited time weapon.
    • Available in Epic variant.
      • 40 base damage
      • 1.8 shots per second.
      • 4x damage against Fiends
    • Seven Arrow magazine size, unlimited ammo.
    • Can be found from floor loot, chests and Vending Machines.

In a few days, a new set of challenges will appear bringing even newer rewards for players to earn. Complete all of the challenges throughout the event and a special Dark Engine Glider will be the reward!

But it's not just for Battle Royale! Here's just a slice of the content coming to Save the World during Fortnitemares:

  • Brainiac Jonesy and Skull Ranger Ramirez (Free to Founders)
  • New and returning Fortnitemares Heroes.
  • Rat Rod Weapon Set
  • And a few more surprises along the way…

Though the mode is disabled now, we're hoping for a quick fix! In the meantime, Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.