Fortnite Players Get Exclusive Loot Free for a Limited Time

Fortnite players have a busy weekend ahead of them now that building is back in the game along with the Zero Build mode added recently, but whether you're playing or not, you may want to hop on Twitch to watch others play in order to score some easy loot. Epic Games announced this week that it's partnered up with Twitch once more to give players the shot at earning some free loot via Twitch Drops. All you have to do to score the rewards is watch people play the game on Twitch, but the catch is that you'll only be able to earn these cosmetics between now and the end of April 3rd.

That's not a lot of time at all to get the loot, so if you want to get it in your locker as soon as possible, here's what you'll have to do. Simply link your Epic Games and Twitch accounts by visiting your "Connections" page within your Twitch account's settings and then go watch Fortnite streamers as they're playing the game.

Epic Games' tweet below showed off the cosmetics that players will get via these Twitch Drops. One of them is the Steady Aim loading screen and the other is the Open Fire weapon wrap, but the most noteworthy detail pertaining to both of them is that they're exclusive to this latest Twitch Drop, so you won't be able to obtain them any other way.

The tweet also didn't specify which specific streamers players had to watch to earn the rewards. Most streamers who have drops enabled will usually indicate as much on their channels, so look for that in the streams' descriptions if you want to get the drops as soon as possible.

Over on the "Campaigns" section of the Twitch Drops site, it specified how long you have to watch to earn each of the rewards. For the loading screen, you have to watch a participating channel for 30 minutes and then must claim your reward to have it added to your Epic Games account. For the weapon wrap, you'll have to watch a bit longer by viewing an extra hour and 30 minutes. That amounts to two hours total to be watched before Monday to secure both cosmetics.


What do you hope to get from Fortnite from future Twitch Drops? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @TannerDedmon.