Fortnite Makes Streaming Even Easier with New Social Feature

Fortnite has supported video chatting for a while now through the Houseparty service, and this week, it’s offering yet another social feature alongside that one. Players on the PC and PlayStation platforms are now able to stream their gameplay to their friends who are in the same Houseparty session. Players will also get notifications whenever their friends are streaming so that they can hop on and watch them as soon as they start broadcasting.

Epic Games announced the new social feature now supported by the Fortnite and Houseparty collaboration this week and detailed exactly how it’ll work for those who want to try it out. After downloading the Houseparty app on a mobile device and connecting your Epic Games account, you simply have to activate the “Fortnite Mode” option in the app to start broadcasting your gameplay.

“When you activate Fortnite Mode in Houseparty, all of your Houseparty friends will be able to see a livestream of your Fortnite gameplay,” Epic Games said. “Houseparty will notify your friends when your game feed is available, and you’ll receive notifications when your friends are streaming. Jump into a stream, leave some words of encouragement, and help them along the way!”

For those who want to keep using the Fortnite Mode in Houseparty without having to broadcast your gameplay for everyone to see, you’ll have the option to turn off the feature if you wish. Once it’s disabled in the app’s privacy settings, you’ll still be able to video chat like normal and just won’t be streaming for others.

Other privacy settings are also in place in the Houseparty app, so if you’re newish to streaming, you’ll have those backing you up when you start broadcasting your Fortnite matches. Payment information won’t be displayed, but other menus and things that players bring up on the screen will be. If you’ve got any other questions about how everything will work with the Houseparty streaming integration when it comes to Fortnite, an FAQ set up for the collaboration should provide you with answers.