Fortnite Item Shop Now Featuring Fan-Favorite Legendary Skins

The Fortnite Battle Royale item shop has been updated for July 6, and it's full of swanky swag! If you're still running around the island using a default skin, or else if you're a veteran player who missed out on the legendary Red Knight skin, we have some great news for all of you! Today's item shop collection features some of the hottest gear in the game, so we hope you've been saving up those V-Bucks.

We said today's shop selection features some cool outfits, and we weren't lying! The Criterion skin will straight up make you look like a superhero from the future, but it will set you back a hefty 2,000 V-Bucks. For that same sum, you can acquire the legendary Red Knight outfit, which has been spooking foes and claiming victory royales for months now.

Have you been playing through this entire season for free, without a Battle Pass? Have you leveled up and collected battle star tiers, and now you're wishing that you would have grabbed a Battle Pass so you could claim all of those cool rewards? You may be interested to know that you can grab a discounted last-minute Battle Pass right now for only 900 V-Bucks, and as soon as you buy it, you will automatically unlock any and all of the rewards you would have earned if you had it all along.

For example, if you're on tier 30 from the Battle Stars you've collected, when you buy that Battle Pass you'll automatically unlock all of the Battle Pass rewards up to tier 30. Instant gratification for all of your hard work!


It should be noted that the Red Knight skin currently does not come with the shield back bling that most of you are expecting. This caught players by surprise yesterday, and many people started complaining about it. For 2,000 V-Bucks, the back bling definitely should have been included. Thankfully EPIC Games responded to the issue and cleared things up:

So what are you guys picking up today? Are you now the proud owner of the Red Knight outfit? Are you holding off for another outfit, if so, which one? Let us know in the comments below!