Lady Gaga and Ninja Are Feuding Over Fortnite

Fortnite has been known to cause rifts. Sometimes these divides are friends blaming others for the squad taking a Top 5 L in the Battle Royale game. Sometimes it is a rift that can teleport a player from one side of the video game's map to another. Other times, like this scenario, the rift is between two celebrities who seem like an unlikely duo to be feuding. However, that's exactly what is going on with world famous musician Lady Gaga and professional gamer Ninja (Tyler Blevins) following the buzz around Fortnite launching its Chapter 2. The game literally created a black hole for a couple of days and word of the most popular game being down reach the musician, which is where this story starts...

First, Lady Gaga took to social media with a tweet that has since gone viral. "What's fortnight" she wrote on Tuesday afternoon, prompting more than 28,000 responses by the time of this article's publishing.

See the tweet for yourself below...

Among the 28,000 responses was Ninja, one of the world's best Fortnite players. As a result of his impressive skills with the game, Ninja has become the world's most famous streamer, now hosting the opportunity to watch him exclusively on a new platform.

Ninja cleverly used some Lady Gaga song titles in his response about Fortnite. "Call me on the Telelphone," he said. "I'll give you a Million Reasons to play. You and I."

See Ninja's tweet below...

Lady Gaga doubled down on her lack of Fortnite and video game knowledge, somehow finding Ninja's response among the 28,000 as the one which she needed to reply to.

"@Ninja who are you" Gaga wrote.

Check out the tweet below...

It doesn't end here though.

Ninja fired back, calling back to one of his most famous Fortnite streams -- a stream in which he played with Drake. "Ask @Drake" Ninja responded.

Check out Ninja's response below...


Whether or not this concludes the Lady Gaga vs. Ninja saga remains to be seen. Also, fingers crossed Drake gets involved and makes the whole thing even more fun.

Fortnite's new Chapter 2 - Season 1 update is available now on all platforms. Are you playing? Let us know in the comment section or hit me up on Instagram and Twitter.

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