'Fortnite' Could Be Facing a Lawsuit from BlocBoy JB

Fortnite and its creator Epic Games may be facing yet another lawsuit, this one potentially coming [...]

Fortnite and its creator Epic Games may be facing yet another lawsuit, this one potentially coming from the rapper BlocBoy JB.

The rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, whose real name is James Baker tweeted recently and sparked a discussion among his followers regarding whether or not he, too, should sue the creator of the battle royale game. The rapper's best known for two things, the first being his song "Look Alive" and the second being the Shoot dance that he popularized. That dance is one of Fortnite's many emotes players can acquire, and it's the reason why BlocBoy JB appears to be considering a lawsuit.

Like other Fortnite emotes that are based on real-life dances or movements, the Shoot dance won't be found by that name in the in-game store. Instead, it's called "Hype." It can't be purchased with V-Bucks either since it was one of the unlockable items in the Season 4 Battle Pass, so while players didn't spend money on the emote itself, they did pay for the premium Battle Pass that allowed them to acquire it.

The Hype dance was added in Fortnite Battle Royale months ago when players noticed it was in the Season 4 rewards. BlocBoy JB himself noticed that it was in the game and shared a comparison video someone else had made that showed the two dances next to each other, and while he didn't say much about it in the initial tweet, his tone appears to have shifted in the months following its release when he slammed Epic Games for using his dance and causing people who saw it to credit Fortnite as the origin of the dance.

BlocBoy JB isn't the first rapper or celebrity to consider suing Epic Games over the alleged misuse of his dance. Another rapper, 2 Milly, lawyered up against Epic Games and was followed by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton) and Backpack Kid, the last of those being the Instagram personality who popularized the Floss dance. Each of those people all had dances they either creator or are mostly associated with and are taking legal action against Epic Games for unspecified damages.