Fortnite Leak Shows Off New Tank Vehicle

Fortnite leaks have been hinting for a while now at another vehicle or two set to be added to the game, and now, it appears we've gotten a first look at a new tank-like vehicle that's supposedly on the way. This tank is known within the files as "TreadVehicle" according to these leaks, and it sports a massive drill on the front of it. Details about how this new vehicle will work are slim at the moment, however, seeing how it has not yet officially been revealed by Epic Games.

We have Fortnite dataminer HYPEX to thank for the first look at TreadVehicle which is presumed by the leaker to be "a drivable driller because it also has those tread wheels." That's again just speculation at the moment, but it's as good a guess as any regarding what the new driller might be capable of. If nothing else, it clearly has a hatch on top through which someone could presumably enter the vehicle as well as another device on the top and in the center.

Adding to the image of the tank, HYPEX followed up with another tweet that said "It has a driver seat & 1 passenger seat," so if this is indeed a drivable vehicle as people have suspected, it looks like it'll have room for one player and a friend. It looks to be pretty well-armored as far as vehicles go, though it doesn't have too many obvious offensive capabilities aside from the drill based on what can be observed in the picture. Perhaps it'll do serious damage to structures while lacking in other offenses, but that again remains to be seen.

Leaks such as this one have been rolling out swiftly once again since the latest Fortnite update just dropped this week to not only add new content to the game but also to update the files which hints of what's coming next. Part of those leaks have hinted that Fortnite may get some sort of tie-in with the upcoming Uncharted movie, but like the TreadVehicle, that hasn't been confirmed by anyone yet.


Epic Games should confirm the existence of the TreadVehicle soon enough now that it's been spotted in the files, so keep an eye out for this new vehicle to drop in a future update.