Fortnite Adds Limited Time Mode From Fortnite World Cup Finals

Epic Games recently concluded their first official Fortnite World Cup, which brought the top players from around the world together to compete for millions of dollars. While a lot of the focus was placed on the duos and solo players, the Creative side of things saw some of the best players who are quick on their feet compete in specially made game modes that seemed like a blast to play. Luckily, those playing at home are now able to access one of these new modes as it was just released as a new LTM, with the others set to arrive in the near future.

Skystation Showdown is the first LTM to be added to Fortnite after the World Cup Finals. This new Limited Time Mode, which was created by Team Evolve, has squads battle it out in a king of the hill type mode. "Battle other squads to capture zones and score points," reads the description. "Any player can capture a zone and score points for your team. Use impulse grenades to blast other teams out of the capture zones."

As can be seen in the tweet above, Junkyard Juke and World Run will also be added to Fortnite in the near future as new LTMs, but Epic did no reveal exactly when these can be expected to arrive. Either way, Skystation Showdown seemed like a blast when the likes of Ninja, Cizzorz, and many more were playing, so it should bring a bounty of fun for those who will be playing at home.

Fortnite is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile devices. For more information on the wildly popular battle royale game, check out some of our previous coverage.


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