'Fortnite' Has Launched an Official Merch Store

Epic Games has been raking in the cash thanks to their wildly popular game Fortnite, and now [...]


Epic Games has been raking in the cash thanks to their wildly popular game Fortnite, and now they're taking the logical next step of selling you items in the real world. Starting today, April 23rd, an official Fornite merch store is open for business on Amazon.

Currently, the offerings include a modest selection of t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts in the $19.99 to $35.99 range with free Prime shipping, which is fairly reasonable as far as these sorts of things go. The items are available in cuts for both men and women (and youth in many cases) and in a wide range of sizes. The lineup includes:

• Fornite Four Llamas Sweatshirt
Fortnite Four Llamas T-Shirt
• Fornite Ride or Die Sweatshirt
• Fortnite Battle Tested Sweatshirt
• Fortnite 99 Problems Sweatshirt
• Chug Life T-Shirt
• Fortnite Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr T-Shirt
• Fortnite Rainbow Smash T-Shirt
• Fortnite Llama T-Shirt
• Fortnite Black Logo T-Shirt

Needless to say, you might want to jump on your favorite designs quickly because there will probably be a Battle Royale for certain sizes.

Amusingly, the descriptions for each of the items in the Fornite shop includes the following bullet point: "For real, someone from Epic Games typed this". So it would seem that Epic Games is really hands-on with this store, and we can probably expect a lot more items to be added in the near future. You can shop the entire lineup here.

You guys get to play Fortnite Battle Royale for free, so this gives you a chance to show your support for EPIC Games and the platform they've created. Of course, you can always check out the Battle Pass or some in-game cosmetics, but we know that many of you refuse to spend real-world money on anything you can't actually, you know, hold or use in the real world. Now you can help ensure the future of the world's most popular free-to-play smash hit, and snag some hilarious swag to show for it!

Fortnite is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and iOS. It is also currently slated to come to Android devices sometime later this year.

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