Fortnite HypeZone Channel Added to Mixer

Mixer viewers will now be able to watch intense battle royale games all the time now that Fortnite [...]


Mixer viewers will now be able to watch intense battle royale games all the time now that Fortnite has been added to the HypeZone feature.

HypeZone is a feature that was added to Mixer in December, a special addition to the streaming service that allowed viewers to tag along with streamers who were close to winning a match. While the HypeZone originally featured PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds games, it'll now let players spectate Fortnite players who are close to winning as well.

"In December we introduced HypeZone on Mixer: An all-new, one-of-a-kind viewing experience dedicated to the most intense moments from Mixer streamers of all sizes," the Mixer announcement read. "The response has been incredible. Not only did HypeZone see more than one million views in less than two months, but we heard loud and clear that you want to see more of this type of action on Mixer. We've been hard at work, and today are announcing that we've expanded HypeZone to include a Fortnite Battle Royale channel!"

Much like the PUBG channel that came before it, this version of Mixer will hone in on players who are within the last 10 competitors in a Fortnite Battle Royale match. Some players may be surprised to find themselves on display once they get close to winning, but rush of adrenaline from having tons of viewers watching your road to victory may be jut what players need to close out a Fortnite battle.

"At Mixer, we know that the 'final 10' can create epic moments. The storm is closing in, you're out of shield potion, and you've built your fortress to make your last stand… and now hundreds of Fortnite fans are cheering you on. The battle is building and HypeZone Fortnite will be a do-not-miss action packed channel to satisfy those Battle Royale needs. We hope to see you streaming and cheering on your fellow Mixer broadcasters in their pursuit of Victory Royale!"

The new Mixer channel is live now, so give the HypeZone a look to see some of the most intense Fortnite games and cheer the streamers on as the numbers dwindle.