Fortnite Mobile Isn't Even Out Yet And Already Has A Clone

When Epic Games announced that their incredibly popular online shooter Fortnite would be getting a [...]


When Epic Games announced that their incredibly popular online shooter Fortnite would be getting a mobile game and cross-play, fans were understandably excited to learn more! But it wasn't just the active players that had their excitement stoked, the awaiting copycats rejoiced in their most recent opportunity.

Introducing Fortcraft, the mobile game, as seen above, that looks, plays, feels, and sounds exactly like Fortnite. The blatant rip-off comes from the Chinese company NetEase and they are not at all ashamed to hide the fact. Offering the exact same building mechanics that Fortnite has, as well as the graphics, gameplay, map, and overall style. It's much more than simply saying every battle royale game is a mimic, this one literally is a direct clone. The name itself doesn't really disguise the intent either.

Don't believe us? You can check out a snippet of gameplay in the video below:

Some may be thinking that surely, despite the similarities, this can't possibly pose a threat to the official Fortnite game. Well, that's where you're potentially wrong, pal. Fortcraft currently has the advantage because it's available now for open beta testing on both iOS and Android, while the Fortnite mobile version is currently only in invite stage and limited to iOS. With Android users making up a considerable amount of the mobile market and the ease of access for the rip-off, the impatient nature of many could actually aid in the clone's success.

Another thing to note is that Fortcraft can actually operate on older operating systems, making that accessibility even more noticeable to those that may not have the "latest and greatest" in mobile tech. Fortnite's game looks impressive, but a main reason behind that is the fact that it was built with the latest phones in mind like the iPhone X. Though that makes sense design-wise, it does limit the amount of players partaking in the newest venture.

For now, we wait until we have more concrete news about the Fortnite Battle Royale mobile game and for those that want to see the copy's "inspired" product, Fortcraft is currently available via beta on both Android and iOS devices.