New 'Fortnite' Weapon Leaked


It looks like Epic Games is set to add yet another weapon to its popular battle royale game Fortnite. And this time it looks like it's going to be a new rifle.

Fortnite Season 8 launched this week, and with it came a brand-new update. And with an update, comes new files. And with new files, comes data-miners. And you know what follows data-miners: leaks.

In patch v 8.00, a large slab of new assets were discovered, including many that haven't yet gone live in the game. Included in this batch of assets, is a brand-new weapon.

Dubbed "BattleRiflesSixties" in the game files, it's unclear what exactly the new gun is, but it is presumably a rifle of sorts, and probably an automatic one at that.

You can find the finer details of the leaked weapon over on Stormshield, but its stats seem to suggest it will be a utility weapon decent at every range, but not excellent in any single one. Some Fortnite fans actually think the weapon will be a silenced shotgun, but seeming that it has "Rifle" in the files title, this seems unlikely.

Of course, given that the weapon is still in the development pipeline, means every stat associated with it is subject to change. Further, who knows if it will ever make it into the game. However, if it is being added, you'd assume it would be sometime this season. Why else would Epic Games add it in the Season 8 patch otherwise?

If the stats are correct though, then it may be a Legendary and Epic version of the Infantry Rifle, which has similar stats. However, there's nothing about its stats that scream it's worthy of an Epic or Legendary ranking, so who knows.

Fortnite is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. For more coverage on the popular battle royale game, click here.


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