Fortnite Streamer Ninja Apologizes for Using Racial Slur During Stream

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins took to Twitter to apologize for the uses of a racial slur during one of [...]

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins took to Twitter to apologize for the uses of a racial slur during one of his recent streams where he said he became tongue-tied and let the expletive slip.

When playing Fortnite a few days ago, Blevins was playing with fellow streamer Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag when Blevins began rapping Logic's "44 More." It may be a bit difficult to hear as Blevins himself said that he fumbled the lyrics, but in the clip below, Blevins can be hear adlibbing the n-word despite that word not being used in the actual lyrics.

This situation has prompted a familiar discussion about whether the use of the word. Many insisted that there was no reason for Blevins to be using such a word in the first place, though some admitted that there didn't appear to be any ill will behind the use of the word seeing how it was used in a song, even if it was interjected into the lyrics. While some even debated on whether he actually said the word or not and if it was actually in the song – though the latter argument is an easy one because the lyrics show it's not included – Blevins took to Twitter to apologize for his use of the word and to make amends with any who he may have offended.

"While I am confident that most of this is a misunderstanding, I recognize that it's my responsibility to never let there be THIS kind of a misunderstanding. More than anything, I hate that any of my friends, fans, or viewers might feel disrespected.

"It is my job, and hopefully I'm usually good at it, to make everyone feel welcome, valued, and safe to be themselves. So I apologize to anyone who might feel hurt because I NEVER want that. It's my stream, and it's on me to make that right.

"The best way I can explain it is that I promise that I understand how much pain that word causes, even if it gets used a lot in music and elsewhere. It's a word historically used to divide people, and I'm about bringing people together.

"I promise that there was no mal intent (I wasn't even trying to say the word-I fumbled lyrics and got tongue tied in the worst possible way). Again, I apologize for offending anyone and appreciate you all rocking with me."

No action has been taken against Blevins' Twitch account at this time, actions that would depend upon the new community guidelines that were recently put in place.