'Fortnite' Streamer Ninja Calls out Reddit in New Year's Stream Sniping Joke

Professional Fortnite streamer Ninja directed a comment towards Reddit during his New Year’s Eve stream where he had to once again deal with stream snipers trying to eliminate him.

Like other well-known streamer, Ninja has to deal with others trying to stream snipe him, an action that involves someone watching his stream to determine where he is in-game so that they can get the drop on him and eliminated him. Doing so would mean they’re able to say they’ve eliminated a famous player – even if it was by cheating – and it’s a common hurdle these streamers face.

Ninja himself has come under fire for reporting and accusing other players of stream sniping with many of those accusations either stemming from Reddit or catching fire there. One infamous instance of that occurred in November when Ninja accused someone of stream sniping and later apologized.

During Ninja’s New Year’s Eve stream in the clip below (original post seen here if the video doesn’t load), Ninja jokingly started to say to fellow streamer TimTheTatman “Do you have any idea how many sss–” before trailing off and pivoting to saying “people” were in his games. The joke there is that he was preparing to say “stream snipers,” but he cut himself off before saying “I didn’t say anything, Reddit,” and then laughing off the joke.

Ninja - ''I didn't say anything, REDDIT'' from r/FortNiteBR

Though Ninja’s comment was made in jest towards those on Reddit and others who’ve associated stream sniping accusations with the streamer, he was fully justified in this particular situation to make such a joke about people trying to snipe his streams. During the New Year’s event, one of Ninja’s biggest streaming moments of the year, at least one player did indeed try to stream snipe Ninja and even recorded himself doing so. The player, with the help of some friends, tracked down Ninja’s location and excitedly made his way towards the streamer. He eventually found Ninja, but the result which can be seen here proved that the stream sniping attempt wasn’t even worth the effort.

Ninja’s full stream from the New Year’s event can be seen at the top with the entire stream lasting for over 11 hours.