'Fortnite' Is Getting a Poison Trap

Fortnite is adding a Poison Trap soon, according to an update in the game’s news distributor [...]

Fortnite is adding a Poison Trap soon, according to an update in the game's news distributor that revealed the trap and hinted at its arrival. Players got their first teaser for this trap a while ago when datamined files revealed the concept, and it appears Epic Games also revealed the trap ahead of time since it appeared in the news feed briefly before being taken down. It's reportedly back in players' feeds now though, so the arrival of the Poison Trap is back on and should be happening soon.

Epic Games' news feature in Fortnite revealed the trap, took it down, and then eventually showed it again last night. In the midst of those news feed changes, people were able to screenshot the update and showed off images of the trap like the one below. A release date for the trap hasn't been confirmed, but judging from the timing of the update, it's expected that it'll be released on the v8.20 update that's coming soon.

"Watch your step lest you trigger a trap!" the description of the new item reads.

The new trap that'll be in players' arsenals soon will clearly poison enemies who trigger it, but how that'll work remains to be seen until it's added. It could only harm players who step directly on it with a damaging poison effect, though there's also a chance it could create a cloud of gas like players witnessed when encountering a Stink Bomb that caused damage over time. If the Poison Trap has the latter effect, it'll be a useful tool for controlling certain areas by covering tight quarters in noxious gas.

Like it does with other updates, Epic Games recently announced the timing of the downtime scheduled for the next update, so expect to see the Poison Trap and other features like a Limited Time Mode called "The Floor Is Lava" when the update releases.


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