Fortnite Releases a New Kind of Season 7 Teaser

Epic Games’ plans for new Fortnite seasons have historically followed a pretty predictable pattern on social media. In the days leading up to a new season’s start, teasers are shared via Twitter and other platforms through posts that typically include skins – or fragments of skins – included in the next season’s battle pass with a full image being formed near the very start of the season. Season 7 is already looking to be different, however, with Epic Games releasing a more cryptic sort of teaser as the current season winds down.

That first social media teaser shared this week can be seen below courtesy of the Fortnite Twitter account. It shows a toy-like version of the Fishstick character, a carton of milk, and something that looks like some sort of futuristic weapon. The whole teaser is packaged as some sort of log similar to the ones we heard Jonesy speaking in as he brought in all kinds of guest characters throughout Season 6, but this one appears to be written from the perspective of the alien observers watching over the Fortnite combatants.

The device on the far-right of the image stands out from the rest as something that we haven’t yet seen in Fortnite. It seems like it could be an alien weapon of some sort, but then why would it be observed by the aliens alongside the other artifacts from Fortnite’s world? Still, the most obvious answer is a weapon, but we won’t know about what it is or what it can do until next week at the earliest.

More interesting than that are the two other objects in the teaser: A Fishstick toy of some sort and a milk carton. The milk includes a picture of Jonesy on the side which is probably more of an in-universe reference than anything else since it’s likely this will be a new consumable item in Fortnite.


Looking at the categories of Fortnite currently available in the game, the Fishstick object doesn’t seem to fit into any of those pools of items. The closest it gets is to the back bling category, but even that’s not the best fit judging from its shape and size. That’s led some people to predict that this might be a totally new type of cosmetic: Weapon charms. The Fishstick toy certainly fits the mold of what a weapon charm would look like based on what we’ve seen from other games like Apex Legends, and it’s even angled in a similar fashion.

Fortnite’s Season 7 starts on June 8th, so we’ll know more about this teaser and others by then.