Fortnite: Aliens Have Started Abducting Players

Fortnite files discovered not long ago indicated that aliens would soon start abducting players and scooping them up into the air, though when that would happen wasn't known. Based on events from in the game this week, however, the alien invasion is already underway with players sharing clips online of their characters getting lifted up off the ground and into some sort of beam before being dropped back on the island at a different location.

If you haven't seen the alien abduction clips yet, you can catch one below courtesy of HYPEX and others who made the clip possible like HyperDiamond123 and VastBlastt. The clip shows exactly what you might expect the alien abduction to look like if you saw the datamined files with the player lifted up into the air while flailing their arms around. The animation towards the end resembles the one that plays if a player goes through a portal of some kind with the whole event ending with the player getting up from lying down after they were taken somewhere else.

HYPEX said that the aliens seem to have taken a liking to Risky Reels, so if you're trying to see them, that's the best place to do so right now, assuming you're lucky enough to spot them. It's unclear what the circumstances are, if any, for triggering an alien appearance, but hopefully someone else will figure that out if there is a way to make them come more often.

Another clip shared online by iFireMonkey and RexiumFN showed what the abduction looked like from another player's perspective. Again, the aliens seem to have chosen Risky Reels as their stie for the abduction.

While the purpose and origins of these aliens remain unknown just like the circumstances around triggering the appearance, it seems the aliens have something to do with the next season of Fortnite. Other Season 7 teasers released already included strange writings on walls as well as a warning that said something was coming this way. That "something" is apparently the aliens, though again, all of this is simply what players have pieced together based on what's been teased and what's happened in-game.


Fortnite's seventh season is expected to start up soon, so it shouldn't be too much longer now before we get to see what the plans for the aliens are.