'Fortnite' Season 7 Drops Another Teaser

Epic Games released another Fortnite teaser for Season 7 that hinted at more potential cosmetics and mechanics for the next season.

Sharing the second Season 7 teaser through Twitter just as it did with the first, Epic Games revealed an image that showed two different characters on the side of what looks like a snowy mountain or perhaps the iceberg that's looming off the shore of the Fortnite map. One of the characters appears to be snowboarding down while the other looks like they're using a zipline to descend from the mountain.

The silhouette of the character in the front could almost be confused for the Drift skin from Season 5, but the eyes and ears look different enough to suggest that this could be one of the new cosmetics that players will be able to unlock though the Battle Pass or by purchasing it as a standalone item. The fact that it's snowboarding down the side of a mountain combined with the idea that the next season will be heavily themed by winter and snow could also be a teaser for another "vehicle" addition. Another battle royale game called Ring of Elysium has a snowboarding feature, and it looks like Fortnite might as well during Season 7.

In the background, the character is too far away to make out any discernable details, but the fact that they're ziplining down a mountain could also be hinting at another game mechanic. If the iceberg and a snowstorm are coming as people expect, players will need a way down from those high-up places, and a zipline could provide exactly that.

Epic Games' second teaser for Season 7 follows another that was released on Monday where an image of a figure with an icy crown was shown in the center. There was another figure in the background that appeared to be snowboarding down the figure's shoulder, so seeing another snowboarding character in the newest teaser released on Tuesday makes it seem more likely that the snowboarding feature is coming to Fortnite.


The Game Awards will also feature Fortnite in some capacity with the game appearing as a nominee and member of Epic Games showing up to present something. What that "something" is remains to be seen, but we know it's not about Season 7's launch.

Fortnite Season 7 is scheduled to begin on December 6th.