Fortnite Is Experiencing a "Partial Service Outage," Long Login Queues

Fortnite players recently began reporting that they were getting stuck in long login queues while waiting to play, reports that have been confirmed by the Fortnite team.

The official Twitter account for Fortnite tweeted the news on Monday that players may experience issues when attempting to login to the game’s servers. While any issues such as these would usually prompt players to restart their games and consoles in hopes of fixing the issue, the tweet warned against doing that.

Fortnite’s tweet was met with replies from players that included images of them being stuck on the login screen, but the account replied again to say that waiting was exactly what players needed to do. If the blue login screen with the Fortnite name along with a “Logging in” is seen, console players are actually in line to login despite the screen not showing the queue’s wait time.

On Epic Games’ status page for Fortnite, the current list of issues affecting the game reflects the message in the tweet. Longer queue times is mentioned along with the fact that console players may not see how long they have left to wait with another status update saying that Epic Games is “currently looking into a widespread issue across our services.” This echoes a tweet that came before the one above where Epic Games said that they were aware of an issue that was preventing players from connecting and were looking into the problem.


While the status page and the tweets do enough to keep players in the loop with the more pressing server issues, Epic Games recently launched a separate service to track some ongoing issues. A new Trello board has been erected to keep players informed about the progress being made on various issues with color codes that indicate where a bug stands in terms of being fixed to Epic Games needing players’ help to reproduce and rectify it.

The Fortnite Twitter account will likely provide an update when the services are fully functional once again.