'Fortnite' Temporarily Removes Shadow Stones

Fortnite Season 6 has arrived and it comes bearing pets, spooky new locations, and that mysterious new item found in Shadow Stones. Unfortunately, the team over at Epic Games have had a rough time since the launch of the new season, resulting in the temporary removal of the new item.

The official Fortnite Twitter account issued the following statement, "Due to an issue with Shadow Stones, we're disabling them until we have a fix." We don't have an estimated time on when the newest item will make a comeback, but the developers behind the popular online game are actively working on a fix.

The Shadow Stones were a unique item birthed from that mysterious cube - dubbed "Kevin" by the internet - that left a burning path of runes in its wake before changing Loot Lake forever. This consumable took on a similar form etched with its own runes, and gave players a powerful advantage on the battlefield:

  • Consumable typically found around corrupted areas of the map.
  • Using a Shadow Stone will apply 'Shadow Form' for a brief period.
  • While in Shadow Form:
    • Unable to use weapons.
    • Become invisible to enemies when stationary.
      • You become more visible and leave behind a Shadow Trail when moving.
    • Gain increased movement speed, jump height and fall damage immunity.
    • Gain a new ability, Phase, can be activated by pressing the Primary Fire button.
      • Phase: Propels you in the direction you are facing, and allows you to pass through objects.
    • The effect lasts 45 seconds but can be exited early by holding down Alt Fire button (aim down sights).

Unfortunately we do not have a set return date at this time but keep it tuned in here at ComicBook for when these new consumables make their epic return. Fortnite is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and select Android devices!


As for Season 6:

"Season 6 arrives in Battle Royale and brings new goodies with it! Uncover what's in the new Battle Pass, explore an updated island with Pets, and become one with the shadows with a new consumable. Join in on the Cram Session mini-event in Save the World and learn more about a new enemy that has appeared from the Storm."