Here's Every 'Fortnite' Costume Featured In 'South Park's New Halloween Episode

Fortnite costumes were the most popular Halloween costumes this year. And it showed during Halloween: as every other trick-o-treater was rocking a variety of skins from the popular battle-royale shooter.

Since its inception in 1997, Comedy Central's animated sitcom, South Park, has incorporated what's popular in pop culture at the moment into the show. So, perhaps unsurprisingly, for its Halloween episode this week many of the kid character's in the show were rocking Fortnite costumes: from the Dark Voyager to Leviathan.

Meticulously counted by YouTube Channel "The Radioactives," there were 18 different Fortnite outfits worn by various different South Park characters.

Whether Matt Stone and Trey Parker are Fortnite fans, is unclear, but the episode did feature a range of varying skins that suggests they might be. There was the new Hollowhead outfit, the classic Skull Trooper, and even less flashy and popular outfits like Whiplash, in addition to of course the more well-known ones, like Dark Voyager.

While the new episode featured a load of Fortnite references, it was far from what the episode was focused on. Dubbed "The Scoots," the new episode saw the kids trying to use "the latest revolution in mobility" to maximize their candy cache.

Meanwhile, it's no surprise that Fortnite was featured in South Park, after all, it's still the biggest game in the world, despite new releases -- Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 -- taking the gaming community by the storm.

And this was represented in Halloween. Did you see any Specialists this Halloween? Nope, but I bet you saw a ton of Fortnite outfits flossing. I sure did.

The Fortnite wave was so big that I saw considerably more costumes of it than even Spider-Man, who normally dominates Halloween. I guess it's just time for Spidey to retire and hand-off the reigns to the world's true hero: Snorkel Ops.


The episode was the fifth of the new season, Season 22, which is set to continue next week on November 7.

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