Fortnite Update Adds Next Vote, New Location

Fortnite's latest update went live this week with two big additions to look forward to seeing: A new War Effort community vote between two different items and a new point of interest for players to visit. The former is a continuation of this season's community challenges which ask players to vote between two different items to decide which of the pair is unvaulted and brought back to the battle royale game while the latter is a secret Imagined Order base now accessible to players.

Perfectly in line with what leaks suggested the next vote would look like, Epic Games revealed the latest War Effort challenge this week to be between the Boogie Bomb and the Combat Shotgun. As we've seen from past Gold Bar-driven challenges, players have been asked to donate their Gold Bars at the voting boards scattered across the map to push one of the two items closer to victory.

"The war effort has two classics on deck to fight back against the Cubes, and this time we're getting up close and personal," Epic Games said. "Choose to unvault the Boogie Bomb and send your foes into a dancing frenzy or blast 'em back with the Combat Shotgun! Chip in Bars at Donation Stations across the Island to help your favorite item reach 100% Funded first, becoming the one that the war effort manufactures for the Island."

The base is worth visiting, too, though it's not quite as involved as players might've hoped seeing how it's been closed for so long. The interior of the newly accessible POI appears to be a simple IO base with no secrets yet uncovered, but there are some AI enemies there to fight to at least ensure players will have something to do if they pay the location a visit.

"You know that door that's been sealed at the mountain near Catty Corner? Well, it's finally opened up, uncovering an IO base!" Epic Games said. "Drop in for a visit, but make sure you're prepared to fend against Doctor Slone and her guards."

Other additions included in this update are the Cube Queen skin which is accessible through quests in the season's battle pass as well as more story progress involving cubes, The Convergence, and more.

Fortnite's latest update is now available across all available platforms.