Free 'Fortnite' Skin Now Available for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Fortnite players on the PlayStation 4 who have a PlayStation Plus subscription can now download [...]

Fortnite players on the PlayStation 4 who have a PlayStation Plus subscription can now download the Carbon Pack, a free DLC that comes with a new skin and Back Bling for the battle royale and creative modes. Released on Tuesday, the PlayStation Plus Carbon Pack is an easy way to add to a Fortnite player's locker to give a fledgling player a new skin or a veteran some more PlayStation-colored gear to rotate in and out of their in-game looks.

The product in question can be found here in the PlayStation Store and shows the two new items players can acquire by downloading the pack. Items included are called the Carbon Commando skin and the Carbon Pack Back Bling, both of which are exclusive to PlayStation 4 players. People who spotted the pack going up in the PlayStation Store noted that it was originally going out only in select regions at first, but its availability now appears to be more widespread.

Fortnite doesn't' require PlayStation 4 users to have PlayStation Plus just to play the game, but you will need it if you want this pack. Sony's likely got no issues profiting off the in-game transactions of real money for V-Bucks to purchase skins and other products, but the free PlayStation Plus pack is both an incentive for those who aren't yet subscribed and a perk for those who are.

This isn't the first time that Sony and Epic Games have teamed up to give PlayStation 4 players exclusive Fortnite gear either. A gear pack released last year came with several different items like a Glider and a Harvesting Tool. Another free DLC provided more unique gear like the Prodigy skin and the Tabulator Back Bling.

Downloading the Carbon Pack now will give players time to equip the gear and show it off ahead during a new Limited Time Mode that's scheduled to drop soon. The update is also expected to add a new Poison Trap as a new tool in players' arsenals.


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