How Free Guy Star Pokimane Conquers Streaming In Male-Dominated Industry

Imane 'Pokimane' Anys is one of the biggest streamers in the world, and she's also one of the [...]

Imane "Pokimane" Anys is one of the biggest streamers in the world, and she's also one of the stars of Free Guy, the upcoming movie from 20th Century Studios. In a new interview with's Brandon Davis, Pokimane discussed her place as the industry's top female streamer, and what that means being in a male-dominated industry. While Pokimane admits that this led to a lot of pressure when she first started out, she's found a way to make herself a priority. Some streamers can lose passion for what they do, but Pokimane has made sure that she's still enjoying what she does.

"I think especially when the Fortnite boom happened and my career started taking off, there was quite a bit of pressure. I wanted to make people proud, not let anyone down, but I think over time I've started to learn to manage that with my own expectations and desires and what I want to do and make sure that instead of just prioritizing perhaps what other people want from me or just success, also making sure that I'm enjoying myself and doing what makes me happy."

Last year, Pokimane took a month off from streaming and social media in order to focus on her mental health. At the time, the streamer stated that she hadn't taken a break in six years, and was struggling with burn out. The break was clearly good for the streamer, and it seems like she has a very good grasp on how to continue enjoying what she does. Streamer burn out is a very real thing, and Pokimane is far from the first streamer that has had to figure out how to best avoid it.

Pokimane is one of several streamers that will appear in Free Guy. In the film, Ryan Reynolds plays an NPC that must save the online video game he exists in. While the game was made-up for the film, video game fans can expect to see a number of real-world video game references, including appearances by characters from Halo. Free Guy will arrive in theaters on August 13th. In the meantime, you can check out our previous coverage of the film right here.

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