Free MultiVersus DLC Given Away to PlayStation Users

MultiVersus only just recently launched in its open beta form following an early access period for the same beta, but it's already got some exclusives available for certain platform users. For those on the PlayStation systems who are also subscribed to PlayStation Plus Essential (the base PlayStation Plus tier), you can now get a unique costume for one of the game's fighters, Reindog, as well as some customizations, too.

The MultiVersus PlayStation Plus MVP Pack can be redeemed through the PlayStation Store or on whatever PlayStation console you're using if you'd prefer to find it there. It comes with the Battle Reindog Variant, Dark Matter Ringout Effect, and Waterfall Banner for players to equip. The Battle Reigndog skin is naturally just for Reindog, but the other two cosmetics and effects can be used with any fighter.

For those who might be playing on another platform or don't currently have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you still can own these cosmetics by purchasing them through the in-game store, though it'll run you quite a bit of the game's Gleamium currency if you go that route. The skin for Reindog costs 1,500 Gleamium while the Dark Matter ringout effect costs 1,200. The Waterfall banner is the cheapest at 350 Gleamium, but it's also just a banner and is the least interesting of the three items.

Or, you can get these PlayStation freebies on another platform if you're playing on more than one system and still have PlayStation Plus Essential. That's because the game supports cross-progression, so whatever you do on one system benefits what's usable on another so long as you're using the same Warner Bros. account across the board. That means that you can redeem this PlayStation Plus offer if you're a subscriber and still use this gear for free on the Xbox or PC platform without having to waste your Gleamium on it all.

Reindog is just one of several characters playable in MultiVersus, and if DLC is being given away for that character, we can likely expect more of that in the future. Other characters like LeBron James and Rick and Morty have already been confirmed or released, too, so giveaways like this one will help you save your Gleamium for when those future characters release.