Free Xbox Games with Gold for August Announced

Microsoft’s free games for Xbox Live Gold members in August have been announced. Following the typical trend of free monthly games, four games will be available next month with two of them available on the Xbox One and the other two on the Xbox 360, though they’ll also be playable on the current generation via backwards compatibility. Those four games are Portal Knights, Override: Mech City Brawl, MX Unleashed, and Red Faction II. You’ll be able to play some of them right away on August 1st while others will be available later in the month to download and keep so long as you maintain your Xbox Live Gold subscription.

This month’s Games with Gold offerings doesn’t offer one big headliner like past months have, but the four games available throughout August should keep players busy for a while. Portal Knights is the only one of the game’s that’ll be available throughout the month, and you can get it starting on August 1st.

“Forge your character, craft epic weapons, and vanquish your enemies in this 3D action sandbox RPG,” Microsoft’s preview of the game read. “You and your party are the only hope for a world torn apart and terrorized by the Hollow King. Level up your hero as you explore dozens of randomly generated islands, create amazing structures, and interact with the colorful inhabitants of the land, in a quest to become the ultimate Portal Knight.”

Alongside Portal Knights, MX Unleashed will be available starting on August 1st until August 15th. Override: Mech City Brawl and Red Faction II will both be available after that starting on August 16th and will be downloadable until the end of the month.


If you’ve got a PlayStation 4 as well as an Xbox One, you can get twice the free games next month when the PlayStation Plus games are made available. Those two games that were announced not long ago are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The first of those games is available now and can be downloaded for free, but you’ll have to wait until August 4th before you can get Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Xbox’s Games with Gold titles for August will be available starting on August 1st and can be downloaded throughout the month.

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