'Friday the 13th: The Game' Developer Confirms New Game in Development After Court Loss

The future of the Friday the 13th: The Game horror adventure has been a confusing one to follow pretty much since launch, but when the news broke about the court ruling in relation to Producer Horror Inc, that confusion just increased ten-fold. Now the Producer has issued a new statement to clear out some of the misconceptions about Gun Media's title and what that means for new content.

The issued statement comes courtesy of Bloody Disgusting and begins with their shared disappointment, "We are disappointed in the court's ruling and disagree with its conclusion. We are considering our options, including an appeal. We understand that this ruling has created confusion among some fans of the franchise and, more specifically, "Friday the 13th: The Game" players who have questions about new Friday the 13th content in the game."

They added, "The court was very clear that its ruling in favor of Mr. Miller is limited to the original screenplay in which Jason's mother is the killer and that Mr. Miller's termination notice did not purport to terminate Horror, Inc.'s separate copyright in the iconic supernatural killer who wears a hockey mask. While the ruling does not prevent Gun from continuing to sell and operate the existing game, it may complicate adding certain content to the current game in the future."

The statement also included clarification that Gun Media isn't in a position to settle with Victor Miller for permission to create new content, "Even if Gun were in a position to continue to fund the game while it was waiting for such questions to be resolved, there is no evidence to date that such a settlement is possible."

It's been a long road and one filled with uncertainty for those that enjoy the campy horror title. The statement ended ended with a promise for more information in the future:

"Friday the 13th director Sean Cunningham has previously reached out directly to Victor Miller to discuss a settlement. Miller responded by refusing to talk to Sean. Work on new content for fans was suspended because of the position that Miller has taken.

Given Miller's unwillingness to discuss settlement to date and following the guidelines set down by the Court's ruling, Horror Inc. intends to aggressively explore many opportunities for new projects featuring settings and characters not included in Mr. Miller's screenplay.


Horror, Inc. will be providing additional details on the new Friday the 13th projects in the near future."