There's Apparently A Trick To Finding Friday The 13th: The Game's Pamela Tapes

It was clearly stated by the game's support account that no tips would be provided, a sentiment [...]

(Photo: Gun Media/Paramount)

Locating the Pamela Tapes in Friday the 13th: The Game has proven to be a challenging task for players so far, but it appears that there might be a special trick to help with finding them.

Unfortunately, details are scarce on what that hidden tip might be. News that a tactic might be usable to find the Tapes comes from a tweet from the Friday the 13th: The Game's Twitter account that was screenshotted and shared online.

In the image found below that was grabbed from the Twitter account's replies and posted on Reddit by user Boba-T, the game's support account answered a question raised by a Friday the 13th: The Game veteran who had yet to come across the elusive Pamela Tapes.

Friday the 13th The Game Tweet
(Photo: Reddit via Boba-T)

It was clearly stated by the game's support account that no tips would be provided, a sentiment that's been echoed by the account's other replies both recently and in the past. However, it seems that even saying that there was a trick to finding the rarely-seen Pamela Tapes was spoiling a bit too much.

Navigating to the game's support account will result in seeing several tweets that were sent out early in the morning to address several players' concerns, but the above tweet isn't among them. It's apparently been deleted by now, and Twitter user Troy Aucoin's initial tweet doesn't have a reply any longer.

When evidence of the first tweet was posted to Reddit, players immediately began speculating as to what that hidden trick might be. Several of the better answers suggested that the Pamela Tapes would be much easier to find when interacting with Jason himself somehow, a theory that would certainly make sense.

Picking up Jason's mask after knocking it off was one idea and the easier solution of wearing Pamela's sweater found in Jason's cabin also seemed like an easier plan. The only problem with these theories is that devs have said in the past that finding the tapes in drawers and other locations is random, so by the time you have Jason's mask or his mom's sweater, man locations have likely already been searched.

The verdict is still out on the easiest methods for players to find Pamela Tapes, but we can only hope for some guidance soon to speed up the discoveries.