'Friday the 13th: The Game' Update Finally Adds Dedicated Servers

A Friday the 13th: The Game update released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One finally gives console players dedicated servers among other general changes.

Peer-to-peer servers are what console players had prior to the rollout of dedicated servers that are now live on both consoles. Releasing an update on Sept. 10 with the Xbox One update following soon after on Sept. 14, console players can now benefit from the dedicated servers that prevent games from being dropped as a result of one player leaving.

"In this patch, we are releasing the long awaited dedicated servers for the PS4 and XB1!" the update announcement said. "Head over to Quick Play and check it out!"

Going without dedicated servers since the game released in May 2017, console players were at the mercy of whoever the host was when trying to finish a game. Whether it was Jason or a Counselor who hosted the game, the risk of the host leaving and dropping the whole game was always present and led to much frustration from players who just wanted to complete a full game and collect their experience. Friday the 13th: The Game was poised to have a player-leaving problem from the beginning with it being an asymmetrical multiplayer game with proximity voice chat and teamkilling enabled early on, all of these features a recipe for saltiness and players who would rather leave instead of sit through the rest of the game. Counselors who died also had and have nothing else to do after they die aside form watching the rest of the game through various camera angles, so it was usually a tossup whether a dead Counselor hosting the game would stick it out to let others finish or would decide to move on.


Now that the update is fully out, the complete patch notes for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 seen here, a bonus experience and Tape drop rate event is now live throughout all platforms until Sept. 17. The developers also announced that another bonus event is coming to give those affected Hurricane Florence a chance to take advantage of the increased experience and drop rates.