First Look At New Jason X Skin In Friday The 13th's Virtual Cabin Puzzle

jason x

Earlier this week we reported that Friday the 13th: The Game will soon be getting the promised single-player mode that many have been asking for. In addition to the different gameplay experience, the Virtual Cabin 2.0 feature was also unveiled. In addition to the highly anticipated single-player aspect, fans also got a look at the Jason X skin that is on its way as well!

Now that the Virtual Cabin update is officially rolled out, players now have more in-game content than ever before. This includes an online social space that gives more than the cat and mouse game of Jason versus camp counselors, and it allows for a more exploratory approach to the horror game. In addition, there will be a series of puzzles for players to solve. Once completed, the game will reveal the Uber Jason skin alongside the new Grendal Map that is also slated for release.

datamine jason x

Before, all we had was a brief teaser image courtesy of a datamine. Soon though, players will be able to don the iconic look - and we're really hoping the team stays true to the source material on this one, because Jason with that chrome machete is just badass.

“The new Virtual Cabin is an expansion and complete overhaul of the original that we launched prior to release of the full game on PC. For those unfamiliar; the Virtual Cabin is a combination museum to Friday the 13th: The Game, and an interactive dev diary! 2.0 is far larger in scope, not only with information and accessibility, but it includes far more than meets the eye if you start to explore.”

friday the 13th mask

At this time, there is not set release date for when the expected Virtual Cabin update to drop, but the team promises that it will be soon. In the mean time, check out the latest patch notes here to see what else the horror survival game has in store.