FromSoftware's New Game Rumored to Be Great Rune, Worked on by George R.R. Martin

We may now know the name of FromSoftware’s next big project that’s supposedly being worked on with George R.R. Martin. It’s supposedly called “Great Rune” and will be revealed during Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference, according to recent rumors that revealed the name and other details about the project. The studio is best known for its SoulsBorne games including Dark Souls and Bloodborne among others, and while the new project will reportedly take some cues from the Dark Souls series, it’ll tweak the formula.

George R.R. Martin, the other of A Song of Ice and Fire, recently confirmed that he has indeed consulted on a upcoming video game that’s coming from Japan. This confirmation follows rumors from earlier in the year that suggested he might be working with FromSoftware on a game, and with new details surfacing about the SoulsBorne developer’s projects, things look like they might be piecing themselves together.

Gematsu referenced the video below from the YouTube channel Spawn Wave which discussed FromSoftware’s next project. Spawn Wave discussed details from Liam Robertson which included details such as Martin’s work on the project and gameplay info that indicated players would be able to travel to different kingdoms in a less linear world compared to FromSoftware’s other games. In light of the recent blog post from Martin, Gematsu divulged new information that sources have told the outlet the new game is known internally as “GR” and has been in the works for the past three years. Gematsu said the information had been verified yet but added that the game is indeed an open-world title and was worked on by Martin.


Other evidence of this game have surfaced around the same time as Gematsu’s report. Though hardly the most credible source, a post on 4Chan shared more details about the game by saying it has multiplayer and three unique characters to choose from, but it also interestingly said it was being called “Project Rune” at this time. Following that post, GamesRadar reported that the game would be called “Great Rune,” a name which sounds a lot like it could be a potential result of the abbreviations and project titles.

FromSoftware hasn’t yet confirmed the release of the new title yet, but Gematsu says to look for it during Microsoft’s E3 2019 conference.