Funko Launches Bulbasaur as Their Second 'Pokemon' Pop Figure


Funko finally acquired the license to make Pokemon Pop figures last year, and they kicked off the collection with a standard Pikachu Pop and a 10-inch Pikachu Pop. Unfortunately, both of those figures were Target exclusives, but it looks like their new Bulbasaur figure is going to be a general release. That having been said, we expect that it will be available to pre-order right here at some point today, February 6th. UPDATE: The figure is live via this link with shipping slated for March. It's really happening!

Needless to say, keep checking in on that link because you need to reserve one of the Pokemon Bulbasaur Pop figures as soon as you can - the odds of a sell out are very high. Case in point, if you want the Target exclusive Pikachu Pop figure right now, eBay is going to be your best bet. A limited quantity is also available via Amazon from third parties.

As far as future releases are concerned, we know that a whole bunch of Pokemon Pops are in the pipeline. However, it looks like Funko is really trying to savor each release. We assume that will change, because if they insist on doing these one at a time, our great grandchildren will have to complete the set.

The official description for the Bulbasaur Funko Pop figure reads:

"Grow your Pop! collection with the latest Pokémon Pop! who also happens to be a rare Grass- Poison-type. Train with your Pop! Bulbasaur frequently and this adorable Pokémon might be your best friend or maybe just take a nap. Additional Pokémon will be available every season."


More info on the seasonal Pokemon Funko releases is available here.

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