Funko Reveals New Fortnite Pops

Funko has more Fortnite Pop figures planned for the future, and it revealed some of them this week [...]

Funko has more Fortnite Pop figures planned for the future, and it revealed some of them this week in a new announcement that confirmed five more traditional Pop figures will be releasing soon. UPDATE: Pre-orders are live right here with shipping slated for January. Joining those are several Pop Keychains with both of these lines of products featuring different outfits players can acquire in-game. The new Funko products don't yet have a release date, but Funko did show off what each one of them will look like.

Nine different Funko products in total were revealed on Friday when Funko showed off the figures and the keychains. Detailed further in a post on the Funko blog, the Fortnite characters these Pop figures are modeled after are Peely, Frozen Raven, Fishstick, Giddy Up, and Wild Card. The Funko Keychains are for some of the same characters with one each for Peely, Fishstick, Frozen Raven, and the last for a more generic Loot Llama.

You can see each of the new Funko figures below thanks to the official Funko account on Twitter.

Like other Fortnite Pops that have been released in the past, these outfits are somewhat dated by now, but that's not too surprising considering how fast the game's content releases move. Still, several of them have stuck around as fan-favorite outfits and characters in Fortnite which means that, whenever they're released, people will definitely be buying them.

Peely, for example, is a character who's persisted between seasons and has become a frequent pick with different variations released since Peely was first available. Fishstick is under the same umbrella as a different goofy, expressive skin, and on the opposite end of the spectrum is Wild Card as a more "serious" costume. If nothing else, having a Loot Llama keychain is an easy buy for even someone who's only casually interested in Fortnite.

Funko has released multiple waves of Fortnite figures in the past, so these surely won't be the last ones we see. The Loot Llama itself has been turned into one of Funko's 10-inch figures before, and other Fortnite characters were later immortalized with more figures.

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