Galaga Animated Series In the Works

galaga show

The retro-gaming revival is in full swing. Just weeks after the reveal of the Ataribox (see that here), which sent the internet into a collective frenzy, we're hearing from Variety that L.A. and Sweden-based production company The Nuttery Entertainment just closed a deal with Bandai Namco to bring the classic arcade game Galaga to life in a brand new animated series. The series, which will be called Galaga Chronicles, has been given the green light according to studio creators Magnus Jansson and Erik Öhrner.

"We are incredibly honored to be able to work on such an amazing legacy property and help launch it into the animated space," Jansson said. "There is such a deep love for this game from fans around the world, and our team is excited make sure the next chapter in the Galaga saga is equally impressive and inspiring as its humble 8-bit beginnings."

"While the re-imagining of the game into animation will be unique and, for the first time in Galaga's history, story- and character-based," notes Bandai Namco exec Hirotaka Watanabe, "there is also a great respect for its history."

According to the report, the animated series will be one part of a multi-extension effort to breathe new life into this arcade classic. Since Bandai Namco has done incredibly well marketing mobile games in the West as well as in the East, we can probably expect a new mobile version of Galaga to launch some time after the animated series takes off. That's purely speculation on my part, of course, but it would make a lot of sense as Galaga is primarily respected as a game.


For the time being we have no key art or trailers to work with, but since this is already starting to blow up, we figure it will only be a matter of time. We'll keep our ear to the floor, so stay tuned!