GameMaster Halting Production and 3D Printing Masks for First Responders

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a number of different delays. One such delay is GameMaster, an upcoming reality show centered on esports and hosted by Wil Wheaton. With production on the series halted, producers and crew members from the show are shifting focus to 3D printing and distributing masks for first responders. One of the show's brand partners, Micro Center, is providing the team with the 3D printers and filament. The team is also taking requests, and looking to coordinate with other groups willing to create and distribute the masks. The initial run will be 1000 masks, but more will be made based on requests, which can be made on the show's website.

In addition to working with Micro Center, the crew at GameMaster is also collaborating with Opera Event for coordination with other makers, as well as the sharing of the 3D blueprints. The masks that are being made by the GameMaster team are the "Montana Mask" style. Those that register with GameMaster in order to 3D print masks or those that pitch in as community ambassadors will also be eligible to win prizes related to the upcoming series.

“Like so many around the world, all of us at GAMEMASTER have been impacted by this pandemic. The idea of 3D-printing masks came to life when our team member, Reagan Stewart of Betta Innovations, shared the story of her wife — a nurse who is experiencing the shortage of critical PPE and medical equipment right here in our community. This is when we knew we had to find a way to help,” said John Colp, co-creator and executive producer on GameMaster. “We are incredibly grateful to Micro Center, AMD and Opera Event for their support, and we thank all the makers who are helping us create a network to provide for those medical pros in need. We are also appreciative of our cast, crew and staff for sharing their ideas and energy to help make a difference.”


It truly is amazing to see people associated with the video game industry actively looking for ways to help with the coronavirus pandemic. While others in the gaming industry have made similar efforts, there's something particularly surprising about seeing the producers and crew members for a television series using their downtime in this manner.

With demand for ventilators and PPE at an all-time high, it's certainly encouraging to see the producers of GameMaster working to help first responders.