GameStop's PlayStation Collector's Box Is Now Available to Preorder

GameStop has new PlayStation Collector’s Box that comes with all sorts of PlayStation-themed [...]

GameStop PlayStation Box
(Photo: GameStop)

GameStop has new PlayStation Collector's Box that comes with all sorts of PlayStation-themed collectibles to show off your dedication to Sony's consoles.

The new Collector's Box is now available for those who want to preorder it, a $79.99 that's shipping in a few months. The product page for it says that it'll be released on the first of November with the Collector's Box being an exclusive item at GameStop.

"Calling all PlayStation champions!" the product page reads. "Grab your DualShocks and show your allegiance in the console war! The PlayStation Collector's Box comes packed with 10 exclusive items celebrating the history of Sony's PlayStation. This collection is only available at GameStop and comes packed with over $125 worth of collectibles, wearables, accessories, more!"

Inside the Collector's Box is an assortment of items like a collector pin, some coasters, and a blanket. There are also two mystery items, one of them an item for buyers' homes and the other a vinyl figurine. Those haven't been revealed yet, but the image of the product shown above certainly makes it seem as though the items are going to be a coffee mug and a figurine of a PlayStation 4 controller. The full contents of the Collector's Box are listed below:

  • PlayStation Pocket Scarf
  • PlayStation Collector Pin
  • PlayStation Lanyard
  • PlayStation Buttons Coaster Set
  • PlayStation Messenger Bag
  • PlayStation Hat
  • PlayStation Throw Blanket
  • PlayStation DualShock Bathmat
  • Mystery Home Item
  • Mystery Vinyl Figurine

GameStop is no stranger to these types of Collector's Boxes, but this is one of the first ones we've seen that's themed after not just a game but an entire console. Other Collector's Box options that GameStop has include a Spider-Man and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 box. We reported on the Spider-Man one back in May, the box that contains different items for Insomniac Games' PlayStation 4 exclusive. If you didn't get that one already you're out of luck though since the product's already sold out.

The Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 4 box, however, is still available to order ahead of its release date. After sharing news of the box back in June, it looks like it hasn't sold out yet. That box contains a utility bag, socks, a beanie, a keychain, a collectible enamel pin, and a multi-prong USB adapter. It's less than the PlayStation one with this box being sold at $29.99, but it doesn't include an actual copy of the game. The box and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 are both scheduled to release in October.

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