GameStop Announces Special New Pokemon Sword and Shield Event

A new Pokemon Sword and Shield Dynamax Crystal event has been announced by GameStop. Starting on August 14th, GameStop customers can scan a code with the Pokemon Pass app to receive the SGR 6879 Dynamax Crystal. When used in the game, this Dynamax Crystal will allow players to participate in a Max Raid battle in the Watchtower Ruins to obtain a Gigantamax Copperajah. This event offers the same Copperajah that was made available in a similar event held in Europe earlier this summer, so fans that might have felt left out can finally snag a Gigantamax Copperajah of their own, if they haven't already caught one!

The Copperajah that players receive has max IVs in HP, Attack, and Special Attack, but it has a Speed IV of 0. Pokemon Sword and Shield have been making it easier for casual players to obtain competitive Pokemon, and this Copperajah should be perfect for players looking to add a strong Steel-type to their team! The Copperajah will have the moves Heavy Slam, Curse, Body Press, and Play Rough.

Copperajah is a new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The Pokemon evolves from the Pokemon Cufant. While the Pokemon is relatively common in the game, the Gigantamax version is less easy to come by. The Dynamax Crystal will allow players to get the Gigantamax version without hunting one down or having to use the new Max Soup item added in the recent Isle of Armor expansion.

For those that might be unfamiliar with Pokemon Pass, it is an app for mobile devices that allows users to scan specific codes in stores, resulting in codes that can then be used in the games. The app was introduced last year, and its use by The Pokemon Company has been a bit limited. Most notably, Pokemon: Let's Go players were able to receive a Shiny Pikachu or a Shiny Eevee by scanning a code at participating Target locations. Since then, however, the app has not offered anything too significant.


The Copperajah event will last until August 31st. Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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