PS5 Restock Released by GameStop and Target

This morning, Target released a new batch of PS5 stock. Meanwhile, GameStop just released a new PS5 restock at the moment of publishing this. In other words, while it's too late to nab a PS5 through Target, it's not too late to grab one through GameStop, depending on how quick you are and when you are reading this. By the time you're reading this, GameStop's stock may very well be depleted. Compared to Target -- which sold both the standard and all-digital PS5 this morning -- it should move slower because it's limited to premium bundles, but given that Target dropped early in the morning when many were asleep and unavailable to refresh and pray, this new stock may end up actually moving faster.

In addition to the PS5, GameStop also has the Xbox Series X. So, if you miss out on the new PlayStation console, there's a chance you can nab an Xbox Series X in its place. The Xbox Series X sells out much more slowly than the PS5.

That said, like the Target restock this morning, we expect the GameStop restock to be bogged down with website issues, however, we don't expect there to be a big showing of scalpers given that the stock is limited to bundles. Bundles are harder to make money on if you decide to sell what comes with them, and if you decide to not sell what comes with them, well you lose out on even more profit.


Bundles also attract less consumer interest because of the price point. In fact, GameStop has been slammed by consumers for limiting stock to bundles. Despite this, this is the only way it's released both the PS5 and Xbox Series X for months.

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