Sony Reportedly Investigating Console-Breaking PS5 and PS4 Issue

Sony is reportedly looking into an issue involving the battery of the PS5 and PS4 that could [...]

Sony is reportedly looking into an issue involving the battery of the PS5 and PS4 that could render each console borderline useless. This month, PlayStation users discovered an issue involving the CMOS battery of the PS4, or more specifically, discovered that when this battery dies, the owner can no longer play digital or physical games offline without first reconnecting to PSN. However, if PSN no longer exists or if the user can't connect to it, then the issue seemingly renders the console as an expensive piece of junk. This is reportedly also an issue for the PS5 as well, though the problem isn't as severe on the new PlayStation console.

Sony has yet to address these reports with any type of public-facing official comment or statement. At this point, it doesn't look like it will. However, according to multiple PlayStation players and Preservation Activists "Does it Play," Sony has begun to notify PlayStation users -- via email -- that it is looking into the issue.

Adding to this, the latter claims they've heard from sources inside PlayStation PR that Sony is eager to iron out this problem, presumably in fear that it could snowball into a giant PR blemish.

Unfortunately, there's still no word of a fix or how consequential this issue is. Again, Sony hasn't publicly acknowledged it, and it probably won't. If it's a real problem and if a fix is coming, it will probably be rolled out quietly. After all, alerting the larger PlayStation player base that their console had a huge issue that rendered it useless isn't exactly good PR.

All of that said, take everything here with a grain of salt. Right now, we have unofficial reports on top of unofficial reports.

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