Dr Disrespect and Shroud Rebuke Gears 5 for Frustrating Mechanic

Popular streamers Dr Disrespect and Shroud -- the latter of which is a former professional CS:GO [...]

Popular streamers Dr Disrespect and Shroud -- the latter of which is a former professional CS:GO player -- recently had some criticism to get of their chests about Gear 5, the newest installment in the Gears of War series that released on Xbox One and PC earlier this month to mostly strong reviews and a decent player count. What beef do the popular Twitch personalities have with the cover-shooter? Well, both find the same gameplay mechanic incredibly frustrating, and both recently vented about said mechanic on stream and social media.

It began during a recent stream where Shroud was playing the Xbox One and PC game. In the middle of a confrontation, the game's cover mechanics forced Shroud to dive out of cover into two enemies, which was a death sentence even for an aim-bot like himself. As you would expect, he wasn't very happy.

"Why? Why does it roll? I'm just trying to get off the f***ing wall bro!," said Shroud. "I don't get why it rolls off the f***ing wall sometimes. I get why, but when you spread, and you're not off the corner, you roll. It's hard to not do that sometimes, I guess."

As you can see, the issue is sometimes the game doesn't recognize when players are simply trying to turn from cover tightly. And when it doesn't recognize this, it sometimes makes the players roll out. It's been an issue since the first Gears of War, but is more a result of the cover system than an actual problem that will be addressed. Anyway, apparently Shroud isn't the only one who finds this mechanic vexing. Taking to Twitter, Dr Disrespect added that the mechanic simply should allow for more player control.

"Watching shroud right now playing Gears 5," said the Two Time. "He's echoed the same problem I have. Why isn't there a disable button for automatic evade off of cover? I get that it does it off the cover edgem but it seems too 'systematic' and limiting. I want full control."

Gears 5 is available for PC and Xbox One. For more news, media, and information on the game, click here. Meanwhile, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Do you find this mechanic as annoying as Shroud and Dr Disrespect do?