Gears 5 Features 19 Different LGBT Pride Flags

Gears 5, a game which already looks noticeably different compared to past Gears of War games, has shown off another way it's evolved by adding 19 different LGBT pride flags as cosmetics. These different flags are used as banners in the game's multiplayer mode, banners being one of the many types of cosmetics players acquire to customize their profile and their experience. Each of these flags represents a different part of the LGBT community and can be acquired without having to go through a paywall.

Screenshots and impressions of the new Gears of War game have been making the rounds on social media now that review embargoes are up and the game's early access release has begun in certain regions. Through those types of posts, we've seen a sampling of the pride flags found in Gears 5 courtesy of Twitter user ashiinu. A series of three screenshots showed the 19 different pride flags players can choose from.

Gears 5 players will amass a resource called "Scrap" as they play which can then be used to craft the cosmetics of their choosing. This is how you'll craft the pride flags and other banners if you want to use one with no microtransactions needed to acquire them.

The Coalition's new Gears of War game is far from the first title to take steps towards being more inclusive, but when you look at the history of the series compared to Gears 5, it's a noticeable change even if it's a small one. Gears of War has had its notable female characters such as Anya Stroud and Queen Myrrah, but having the new protagonist Kait Diaz on the cover and as the main character is a sharp departure from the characters it typically spotlighted. These pride flags being in the game is a continuation of that shift towards being more inclusive while also indicating that there might be more options like this to be seen as players get further into Gears 5 and its campaign.

Gears 5 is scheduled to start releasing on Thursday at 9 p.m. local time for those who have the Ultimate Edition. Those who purchased the standard version of the game will have to wait until its full release on September 10th.


Thanks, VG24/7