Gears 5 Reveals Content Roadmap For The Next Six Months

Gears 5 only just released on Xbox One and PC, but developer The Coalition is already looking [...]

Gears 5 only just released on Xbox One and PC, but developer The Coalition is already looking towards future. More specifically, the developer has revealed a look at what's next for the popular cover shooter, and players will be happy to know they have a lot to look forward to the next six months. According to The Coalition, the post-launch support will chiefly come in the form of Operations, and with these Operations, the game will have more post-launch support than any previous game in the series.

What are Operations? Well, think of them as seasons. Each lasts three months. Operation 1 went live at launch, while Operation 2 will kick off in December. Every Operation begins with a major content update that includes a new Versus mode, new maps, new Escape Hives, new Map Builder Tiles, major features, new characters to earn, and more. Within each Operation is also Tour of Duty, in which you can earn cosmetic content via Seasonal Medals and Active Tour Challenges. Each operation, new content is added, so if there's something from the current Tour you want, you have to earn it that Operation. Once it's gone, it's gone for good.

For the current operation, every Tuesday new cards will be dropped into the Supply pool, as well as a featured Escape Hive to master. Rewards will be up for grabs in both the Featured Escape Hive and Ranked Playlists, with weapon skins sometimes appearing. Every Tuesday also will refresh the Weekly section in the store. Previous items will be vaulted and replaced with new ones. Come early October, weekly Special Events will be added for both Horde and Versus. And then later in October, new characters will be released, including a new COG Hero with Ultimate Abilities and Skills for Escape and Horde.

Meanwhile, Operation 2 will kick off with a huge drop of free content that includes multiplayer maps, versus modes, characters, tiles for map builder, new feature events, new weekly Escape Hives, and new weekly Supply Drop content. Of course, there will also be title updates over the course of operations with changes based on feedback.

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Gears 5 is available for Xbox One and PC. For more details on the game's post-lauch details, plus some of the changes the game's making based off week one feedback, click here.