Genshin Impact Players Can Pre-Install the Big 1.3 Update

Genshin Impact’s big 1.3 update is coming soon with a new character and much more for players to become acquainted with. Ahead of that update’s release date developer miHoYo is giving players the chance to pre-install the update early so that they’ll be ready to go the second that it’s available. An announcement from the developer shared this week detailed exactly when the update would be available to pre-load depending on what platform you’re on.

The 1.3 update is arriving on February 3rd, Genshin Impact’s developer previously announced. However, you’ll be able to start installing the update on February 1st ahead of that release. You won’t be able to hop right into the update without any delay when it’s available a few days later, but you’ll have a much easier time getting into it quicker than others after the update’s maintenance period is over.

“Travelers on PC can still play the game while pre-installing game resources,” developer miHoYo said. “Pre-installation will take up a certain amount of your network's bandwidth, so it's best to make sure you have a good network connection before beginning pre-installation.Travelers on mobile platforms will be unable to play the game while pre-installing game resources. It's recommended that Travelers complete any Domains or other challenges they wish to finish first before beginning the pre-installation process.After the pre-installation process is complete, Travelers can experience the new version content faster once the update maintenance period is finished.”

On the PC platform, all you have to do is update the Genshin Impact launcher which will present players with a “Game Pre-Installation” option on the left of the “Launch” button, so it should be hard to miss. Just pick that option and you’ll begin the pre-install process. The developer said you can still play while the pre-install is happening, but of course that might impact your experience.


For mobile users, all you have to do is go to the “Paimon Menu,” then to your settings, select “Other,” and then hit the button that says “Pre-Install Resource Package.”

We’ve learned more about the big 1.3 update ahead of its release including more details about the new character coming to the game, so expect to see more previews like that as we get closer to launch.